Cost savings key to Ashley idea

Mayoral candidate Tim Ashley thinks it would be a good idea to merge city and county government into one.

Editors asked readers what they think about that idea.

Bob Baker’s response: “The goal of consolidation of should be overall cost savings and that is usually accomplished by spreading the costs over a larger number of users with a smaller government size.

“But there can be a lot of costs that may not have been considered. Take for instance transition costs, which could include merging and upgrading computer systems and consulting fees to resolve conflicting rules and regulations. …

“I do not believe there will be a lot of benefit to consolidation. I believe maintaining the city and county governments as they are will keep the efficiency up and the spending down.” 

Gina Hochhalter’s response: “Combining them means that people have, instead of two options, only one. The reduction of options is rarely productive, but rather confining, the consequence of control. I would have to know a lot more about what he thinks the benefits would be. (Perhaps we can house horses on city property?)”

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