That would throw us for a loop

Mayoral candidate Tim Ashley thinks it would be a good idea to merge city and county government into one.

Editors asked readers what they think about that idea.

Christian Heller’s response: “Wow! I guess that would throw the residents in for a loop. The city would inherit a lot of issues that the county has, and vice-versa. I would not touch the idea with asbestos gloves.”

Steve Gershon’s response: “I think this is a good reason we need to overlook Mr. Ashley as a candidate for mayor. He likes the idea of government running everyone’s business. The two need to work together but NOT as one; each should have their own goals.”

Mac McDonald’s response: “No way would I go for the idea of combining city government and county government. There is no way that we could have harmony and get anything done.”

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The annual “Our Towns” special section is scheduled for publication on Feb. 29.

This is a community introduction for newcomers, but also a reference for everyone who lives in the Clovis-Portales area.

Content ranges from church listings to weather trends to suggestions for watching movies.

Clovis News Journal Managing Editor Rick White coordinated coverage, with assistance from staff members Kevin Wilson and Dianna Hernandez and former staff writer Tonya Fennell.

Portales News-Tribune Managing Editor Karl Terry was responsible for Roosevelt County content.

The special section will be inserted with the CNJ and PNT on Feb. 29.

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We keep hearing rumors that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial known as The Moving Wall will be coming to Clovis this year.

We’ll let you know more when we know more.

Until then, here’s the Web site:

The Moving Wall

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Promotion for the 2008 Clovis Music Festival is under way.

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