Gotta love looking up

What do you love about Clovis?

“I love the sky here,” Darlene Cunningham reports.

“I am from Montana, which is touted as ‘Big Sky Country,’ but it’s obvious to me that they haven’t been in New Mexico.”

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Who inspires you?

Doug McGregor has an example for us all:

“Right now I am getting a lot of inspiration from my granddaughter Jezika Freeman,” he wrote in an e-mail.

Jezika was recently involved in a car wreck in Portales in which her husband was killed and she suffered severe brain trauma.

“Every day we see her we see improvement,” McGregor wrote. “(On) Friday, she blew me a kiss when I got ready to leave. She can now move her left side and give sign language for yes and no. She can ask for a drink of water by rubbing her lips.

“Now that is inspiration, considering that a week ago she was in ICU and a machine was breathing for her and she had no movement.”

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A native of Hobbs, living in Clovis, Katherine Medrano is torn between two sports teams.

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