Gotta love the weather

Here’s something Steve Gershon loves about Clovis:

“The weather mostly, with the exception of the wind,” he wrote in an e-mail. “The travel time to bigger cities for things to do and shop is not bad. If you want something to eat that we here in Clovis don’t have, it’s only a short trip away and a nice day to get out of town.”

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Here’s something Doug McGregor loves about Clovis:

“What I love about Clovis is the generosity of the citizens,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Also the dedication and support the town folks give the Clovis Wildcats. There is not a booster club in the entire state that goes the extra mile for the athletes, whether they are superstars or bench warmers, state champions or non-district also-rans, as does the Wildcat booster club.”

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