Three arrested in Salisbury homicide

Three Arrested In Connection With The Murder of Emmett Salisbury On January 7, 2007 at 701 East Grand Avenue In Clovis 
On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, Agents and Detectives of the Clovis Police Department, 9th Judicial District Major Crimes Unit and New Mexico State Police arrested 20 year old Larry McClendon and 19 year old Anthony Wallace, both of Clovis, on an open count of Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, Attempted Armed Robbery and Tampering With Evidence and 30 year old Joshua Martinez of Clovis on an open count of Murder, Attempted Armed Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, Accessory to Armed Robbery (4 counts) and Intimidation of States Witness in connection with the January 7, 2007 shooting death and robbery of Emmett Salisbury at his business in the 700 block of East Grand Avenue in Clovis.  Larry McClendon and Anthony Wallace had already been charged and Anthony Wallace was convicted last year for several robberies that had been committed outside Salisbury’s business prior to the murder and were both still in jail at the time of these murder charges being brought against them in this murder case. Larry McClendon is pending prosecution in those same robbery cases.