Alcohol sales shouldn’t even need ballot

Freedom New Mexico

By now you have heard every argument imaginable for and against Sunday alcohol sales in Clovis restaurants.

Yes, alcohol abuse is a great evil in our community, state and nation. Yes, economic development could get a boost if area residents could have a glass of wine with their Sunday dinner out.

But Tuesday’s election is not about evil or good, or morals and money. It’s a vote to support individual choice and reject group and government dictate.

We urge voters to approve Sunday alcohol sales.

It is too bad this issue is up for a vote at all, but it is and it needs your support.

In reality, the vote should not involve a single polling place. That belongs to the owners of Clovis restaurants, who should vote to decide whether they want to sell beer and wine on Sundays, or any other day. The second vote belongs to people who choose one by one whether to dine in a place where alcohol is sold on Sunday, or any other day.

A vote in favor of Sunday alcohol sales is not a vote in favor of a drunk climbing into an SUV and mowing down innocent bystanders. We have laws designed to discourage that kind of unconscionable behavior and to punish the offenders. We need to enforce those laws.

We all have our own opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong, and we realize alcohol consumption is near the top of that list of divisive issues. But do we really want society that outlaws anything anybody — or even a majority — finds offensive or potentially dangerous?

Next thing we know, we may have to vote on whether Showtime, HBO and R-rated movies should be accessible in Clovis. Or whether majority rule determines whether golfers can play on Sundays, or whether people can utter swear words.

By supporting Sunday alcohol sales, we are not encouraging residents to drink more beer any more than we’re suggesting they watch more movies with sex scenes, skip Sunday school for 18 holes at the country club, or add a blue section to their vocabulary.

We are suggesting these issues are choices that should be made by individuals, not mandated by a majority or by government.

Vote yes — for individual freedom.