Player of the week: Flyrealtor

The first winner of our “Player of the Week Award” for leaving a witty, responsible and/or helpful viewpoint on our Web site is “Flyrealtor.”

She weighed in on a debate about cleaning up Clovis.

“I have a great idea,” she wrote. “Just reroute 60/84 through Llano Estacado. Then no one will have to see houses with pickups and trailers in front on their way through town.

“Just kidding. I think the issue of cleaning up Clovis does need to be addressed. But the thing is, we live in America. You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to and the problem areas are not city-owned properties.

“The only solution I can see is promoting volunteer groups and maybe even youth/church groups that will go door to door and provide free services to those that would like to clean up yards, paint houses, etc.

“It has been done in other, older, larger cities with great results.”

Sorry, no prizes, “Flyrealtor” — just the editors’ admiration and appreciation for bringing common sense into a conversation that got a little out of hand.

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Now that readers have learned to use our new system to leave online comments, seems like we should recognize the best players.

And so each Monday, we will present a “Player of the Week Award,” for a comment that strikes our fancy.

We’ll be looking for witty, responsible, helpful viewpoints.

This week’s winner is … to be announced at 10 a.m. today.

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Three online reports have generated dozens of reader comments in recent weeks. That’s good, Editor David Stevens reports, but we do have a few rules.

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