Preparing the polls

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Clovis City Clerk Leighann Melancon gathers items that need to go into the polling boxes for today’s election.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

Surrounded by piles of new voter registration cards, old pens and municipal election guides from past years, Clovis City Clerk LeighAnn Melancon worked at a rapid pace getting ready for today’s Clovis municipal election.

As she separated ballots and posters into a locked ballot box for each of nine polling locations, Melancon said her office is expecting a voter turnout of about 40 percent, which would be the highest since 1994.

There are 15,799 voters for the election, according to the clerk’s office.

Voters today will be choosing a new mayor, four city commissioners and deciding whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants and bars.

“Because of the combination of the things on the ballot, there’s a high amount of interest,” Melancon said. “Especially with voting for a new mayor. It’s the beginning of a new era.”

There are six candidates vying to replace Mayor David Lansford, who decided not to run again after 12 years in office.

Melancon said there are more early and absentee votes in this election (1,154) than the total votes cast in the last municipal election in 2006 (1,104). Early voting ended Friday.

Melancon said it’s a great thing that people are getting out and voting.

“You need to state your opinion,” she said, “no matter what your opinion is. This specific combination of items is making people want to be heard.”

Dale Hensley, an Air Force retiree, has worked at the polling locations for about five years.
“I tried it and found it was kinda fun. I meet lots of people. It’s a long day, but it isn’t too demanding,” Hensley said.

Each polling location has four judges, with one as a presiding judge. The judges are sworn to run the polls in accordance with the election laws, Hensley said.

Fast facts

Percentage of voters for the past four municipal elections:
• 2006 — 6.7 percent
• 2004 — 23.2 percent
• 2002 — 32.9 percent
• 2000 — 33.5 percent

Source: LeighAnn Melancon,
Clovis city clerk


In case of any questions in regards to the election call:
• LeighAnn Melancon: 763-9632
• Christine Kallenbach: 763-9628
• Garry Johnson: 763-9624
• Connie Lyman: 763-5591

Polling locations are open
from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(One four-year term)
• Tim L. Ashley
• Gayla D. Brumfield
• Gloria P. Wicker
• Rudy Kumar
• Mario J. Martinez
• R.L. “Rube” Render

City Commission
District 1
(One four-year term)
• Rosalie L. Riley
• Randal S. Crowder
District 2
(One four-year term)
• Ben L. McDaniel
• Fred Travis Van Soelen
District 3
(One four-year term)
• Fidel M. Madrid
• Robert O. Sandoval
District 4
(One four-year term)
• Chris Bryant
• David R. Briseno

Ballot question
Shall Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages by the drink for consumption on the licensed premises of licensees be allowed in this local option district?
• For
• Against

Polling locations
• Precincts 17, 35, 37 — Mesa Elementary, 4801 N. Norris
• Precincts 18, 19, 24 — Zia Elementary 2400 N. Norris
• Precincts 21, 22, 26, 20 south 17th Street and north of Ninth Street — Marshall Middle School, 100 Commerce Way
• Precincts 23, 27, 32 — Yucca Middle School, 1500 Sycamore St.
• Precincts 2, 28, 33 — Lockwood Elementary, 400 Lockwood Dr.
• Precincts 7, 8, 9, 31, 20 south of Ninth Street — Clovis High School Freshman Campus, 1400 Cameo
• Precincts 6, 25 — La Casita Elementary, 400 S. Davis
• Precincts 13, 14, 15, 20 north of 17th Street — Highland Elementary, 100 E. Plains Ave.
• Precincts 10, 11, 12 — Sandia Elementary, 2801 Lore

(Two four-year
at-large positions)
• Kathy Edwards
• Mae Szaloy
Polling location
• Grady Senior Citizens Center, 104 West Main St.

(Two four-year
at-large positions)
• Tuck N. Monk
• Hulin P. (H.P.) Cargile
• Stephen Moulds (write-in)
(One two-year term)
• Darrel L. Bostwick
• Michael Jacobs (write-in)
Polling location
• Melrose City Hall 105 East Ave. B.

(Two four-year
at-large positions)
• Jerry Bradley
• Doug Scioli
Polling location
• Texico Community Center, 215 Griffin St., Texico, NM.

Fort Sumner
(Two four-year at-large positions)
• Mary E. Segura
• Selestino J. Lovato
Municipal judge
(One four-year term)
• Martha Sena
Polling location
• De Baca County Annex Building, 248 E. Ave. C.

(One four-year term)
Ward A
• Alfredo Bachicha Jr.
Ward B
• Gary Watkins
• Michael Martinez
Ward C
• Donald K. Shafer
Ward D
• Michael Miller
• Keith Thomas

Polling locations
• Ward A, Lindsey Middle School, 1216 W. Ivy
• Ward B, Memorial Building, 7th and Abilene
• Ward C, James Elemenary, 701 W. 18th
• Ward D, Portales Recreation Center, 1001 W. 18th