Potholes before flowers

Editors asked for readers’ response to Tuesday’s municipal elections in which Gayla Brumfield became Clovis’ first female mayor and voters approved Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants.

Here’s what Maria Cheverez had to say:

• “For me the alcohol sales on Sundays is a minor thing when we have bigger tumbleweeds to deal with. Congrats to the first female major of Clovis. Hope she dedicates the time to bring industries and jobs to the area. If she wants to beautify Clovis she needs to fill in the potholes before planting flowers.”

Here’s what Anna Baucom had to say:

• “The election (results are) fine with me but I do know some people that will be unhappy with Gayla’s win. They think she acts too high and mighty … or would you call that snooty? Anyway I hope the best for Clovis!”

Here’s what Connie Belcher had to say:

• “Gayla had my vote from the beginning. Her common-sense approach and five-point plan demonstrated she had a well thought-out campaign. I was really concerned about some of the ideas coming from the other candidates.”

• • •

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