Recycling program ends at CAFB

Recycling collection has come to an end at Cannon Air Force Base and military family housing, due to funding restrictions and lack of available marketing for recycled material in the local area, according to a news release.
All other collections remain the same.

The contractor will pick up all recycling bins located at MFH units and in building facilities. Customers in MFH are asked to place the empty recycling bins on their curbs before 7 a.m. the day of collection between now and March 21.
27 SOCES Civilian Engineering Environmental (CEV/Environmental Flight) will pick up the blue recycling bins for office paper from all base facilities between now and March 21.

Base facilities with shredded paper and loose paper should place it in plastic bags and dispose of it in the dumpsters as regular refuse, the news release said. Personnel are asked not to dispose of paper without putting it in plastic bags to avoid it blowing around on base when the dumpsters are emptied.

The Recycling Center’s gates in Building 2327 are closed. The center has not been accepting any items for recycling since March 1.

For more information, call Cecelia Chavez at 784-2102