Contractor believes in tightening borders

Rio Rancho civil contractor Dan East is running for the district 3 U.S. representative seat against seven other candidates.

The district covers San Juan, McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Santa Fe, San Miguel, Los Alamos, Taos, Colfax, Mora, Union, Harding, Quay, Curry and Roosevelt counties.

Tom Udall, who is running for Pete Domenici’s seat in the U.S. Senate, holds the office.

East will run against Marco Gonzalez in the Republican primaries in June.

Ute Water Project: I think it’s very viable. We do need to get the funding down here to provide water back down into this part of the district and actually by getting it down to here you will provide water to other parts of the southwest part of the district.

Our federal government is responsible for defense and also to provide infrastructure to help get us around and provide clean water for our citizens and for our community and this is a way to get to it.

Cannon Air Force Base: I’m a firm, firm believer in our military and we need to continue funding and supporting our military. Missions will change throughout these bases — that’s the nature of our military, to move and shift things around with the mission. However, we should not be losing Cannon Air Force Base. And, again, it’s not from an economic standpoint. The positive benefit of having Cannon here is there is an economic stimulus here, but we need to look at it as defense and what they provide and that’s what we need to support and that’s what we need to continue pushing down here.

Health care: That’s a big issue to me. I do not believe in universal health care. Universal health care has proven throughout the world that it does not work. I believe in a free enterprise system, the free enterprise system works. It will work.

We do have a moral obligation to take care of kids, we go have a moral obligation to take care of people who truly can’t afford it. That’s what our Medicaid is for.

Immigration: We have enough laws that if we assert them and support them enforce the laws that we have, illegal immigration will start taking care of itself. I’m a firm, firm believer that if you as an employer, knowingly hire an illegal immigrant, you need to be punished.

We do need to tighten up our borders and we do need to provide the agencies charged with protecting our borders with manpower, the technology, the tools in order to protect those borders but that also goes beyond just tightening up our borders.

I do not believe in amnesty but we do need to come up with a forum that the people that are here illegally can become a legal citizen. But the ones that are doing it legally should not go to the end of the line.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Gabriel Monte