Salas accused in attack

By CNJ Staff

An 18-year-old serving a juvenile sentence for murder is now accused of attacking a guard with a pencil.

According to, guards went to Orlando Salas’ cell at the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center in Albuquerque. Officials told the station said Salas bit a guard’s hand, and then stabbed him three times with a pencil.

The guard, who had one stab wound an inch from his eye, is expected to be fine, according to the report.

Salas, 18, was originally indicted on charges of first-degree murder along with his two brothers, Demetrio Salas, 22, and Edward Salas, 23; and David Griego, 31, and Noe Torres, 28, for the Sept. 15, 2005 death of 10-year-old Carlos Perez.

He pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was sentenced as a juvenile in exchange for testimony. However, he refused to testify against his brother, who was found guilty by a Roosevelt County jury, and the District Attorney’s office has been reviewing the possibility of revoking the agreement.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said he first learned of the alleged stabbing Tuesday night. He said the revocation issue is in the hands of the courts, and he hopes for a resolution within 90 days.

Orlando Salas was later convicted of contempt of court and battery on a peace officer for an unrelated incident.