First person: Pretty in pink

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Gabriella Tapia, 7, said her favorite thing to do at the park was to play on the swings.

Gabriella Tapia, 7, said she spent her spring break outside and dressed in pink sun dresses.

Favorite part of spring break: I like coming to the park with my grandma and her dogs, Chewy and Lucky.

Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Play hide-and-seek her sister Arianna.

Hoop dreams: I like to play basketball and I’m good at it. I want to play basketball when I get into high school.

If you could do anything: I would ride my bike. It’s a Barbie bike.

Tickled pink: Pink is my favorite color. I wear it every day, if I can.

An eye for art: I’m in first grade. I like to paint in my art class. I like to get messy.

It’s a classic: “Bratz” is my favorite movie. I watch it every day at home.

Favorite animal: A bear because they are warm and cuddly.

All grown up: I want to be a mom. I want to have one child.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Liliana Castillo