During uncertain times one should turn to God

By Judy Brandon: CNJ Religion Columnist

We do live in uncertain times. The news sound bites and stories are depressing: government scandal, adultery, violent protests, the Iraq war, messages from terrorists, bad economic forecasts and murders. It seems that bad news dominates the news. With 24 hour newscasts, the troubles of this country and the world are recapped every hour on the hour.

Yet, as we are saturated with all the bad news, what can we do in uncertain times? It might be good to consider three questions that lead to a hopeful perspective focused on God.

• What can I know for sure in this life?

• What should I do in the midst of life’s difficult circumstances?

• What can I hope for?

Hannah in the Old Testament was a good woman who loved. She had no children. Hannah prayed for years that she would conceive, but she never did. In those days, society believed that the inability to have children was God’s judgment on that individual. Also having children was necessary for help in old age if a woman’s husband was dead.

Yearly Hannah went to the temple and prayed that God would bless her with a child.