April 13, 2008: Reporter’s Notebook

A store clerk whose bicycle was stolen last Sunday said he is overwhelmed by the support from Clovis residents who have extended a helping hand.

Alex Yuen said cycling was his only means of transportation. He said he used his bike to go to work and run errands such as paying bills and picking up medication for his wife, Lorrie, who was confined to a wheelchair after suffering a spinal infarction three years ago.

“I wasn’t expecting anybody to respond,” said Yuen, who was using a nine-year-old bike that barely got him to work and home when his bike was stolen. “I never knew so many people cared.”

Yuen, 38, moved from New York to Clovis eight years ago. He said he has never had the interest to learn to drive and has always ridden a bicycle.

“He’d never known anything about small-town living, so he’s learning that your community rallies together for you,” said Lorrie.

After hearing about his story, Yuen said he has received phone numbers from Clovis residents interested in donating or buying a bike for him.