April 20, 2008 Club Notes

Cloudy Day Rainy Extension Club

The Claud Rainy Day Extension Club met Feb. 27.

Guests were Glenda Belcher and LaWanda Meeks.

Eight club members visited the Smithsonian Institute display March 12 at the Eastern New Mexico University’s library.

Planning and preparation days for hosting the Nite Owls Extension Club for an afternoon tea held March 27 and March 29. Each table had a different tea setting and one large table displayed a variety of tea sets.

Guests were Agnes Brown, Dorothy Bayless, Arlene Woffenden, Bonnie Barkley, Kathy Wall, Charlotte Adams, Molly Stansell and Ester Mares.

Eleven members of the club attended the International Tasting event on April 7. Members supplied jalapeno cornbread and displayed their crafts.

Carolyn Muffley answered questions at an April 9 meeting at Muffley’s Backdoor.

The next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Starbuck home. Ginger Beck will demonstrate ceramics at the meeting.

Club information: 985-2602.