County Clerk Candidate Profile: Cindy McDaniel

Courtesty photo Cindy McDaniel is a Curry County Clerk candidate.

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal asked county clerk candidates to answer the following questions in 300 words or less. The answers were edited for spelling and style. The primary is June 3.

Cindy A. McDaniel

Age: Declined to respond.

Occupation: Purchasing specialist at Clovis Community College

Previous elected office: None

What is the most important job of the county clerk?
The most important job of the county clerk is actually threefold; to serve the public, to serve the county commissioners, and to officiate the elections.

What background or experiences qualify you for this position?

I have worked in the public since I was 13 years old. I have over 11 years experience as a bookkeeper, 12 years as a title clerk, and seven years of insurance experience and two years in the purchasing department at Clovis Community College. I earned my associate’s degree from CCC as well.

What is working at the clerk’s office? What is not working at the clerk’s office?
I don’t believe it’s a question of what is working or not working at the clerk’s office, but who the people believe will work for them. I think the people want someone who is dependable, trustworthy and honest. I think the people want someone that will work efficiently and cordially for them and with them. I believe this is a job I am applying for and the people of this county are the ones who will make that decision.