First Person: Putting on a show

CNJ staff photo: Lili Castillo Jonathan Justus, 15, displays what he calls his ‘Smart’ face. Justus will be playing Maxwell Smart in the Clovis Area Home Educator’s production of “Get Smart.”

Jonathan Justus, 15, of Clovis is portraying bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in the Clovis Area Home Educator’s production of “Get Smart.”

Being Smart: I’m loving being Smart. It’s fun to do. I’m acting but being silly and weird and being serious to try to find the mystery behind the story. The accent is fun too. It’s an accent unique to Don Adams. I’ve never head anything like it. I also loved talking in the shoe phone.

Tuning in: I watched “Get Smart” a couple of times on TV Land when I was little. I always loved Maxwell Smart.

Music man: I spend my time playing the keyboard, hanging out with my friends, going to youth group and being in worship bands.

Looking into the future: I’ve thought about going into structural engineering but my passion is in leading worship with a keyboard. I’ll either work at a church or become an individual recording artist.

On the stage: This is my second play. In the first, I was a mute. It’s kind of different to go from being a mute with no lines to the one with all the lines.

Quality over quantity: I enjoy getting together with my friends in the home school group from Clovis and the area. They are good Christian people and we’ve grown really close. I don’t have 200 acquaintances, I have 20 close friends.

Home and school: I’m happy with home schooling. I get to stay home with my family more. It’s not like people think that we don’t have friends or we’re in our own little world, I do get together with other home school students. And I’m not exposed to bad things like gangs or other things that you see in public schools. Also, my parents teach me their morals and it makes my faith stronger.