Committee will review Ute Water Project funding

CNJ staff

The U.S. House Power and Water Subcommittee will review a bill Thursday authorizing federal funding for the Ute Water Project.

Also known as a mark up, the review process will give subcommittee members an opportunity to change the language in the bill, according to Ute project Manager Scott Verhines.

Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority Chairman David Lansford testified at a subcommittee hearing two weeks ago about the need for the project. A similar bill that includes $327 million in federal funding to pipe water from Ute Reservoir to eight eastern New Mexico entities cleared the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources around the same time.

Verhines said after the review, the bill will go to the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Committee members could decide to conduct its own review of the bill or send it to the House of Representatives floor for a vote, he said.