Clovis Christian students recount senior trip

Courtesy photo Clovis Christian seniors From left to right: Joel Glikas, Jonny White, Keeson Bell, Whitney Miller, Shaina Pool, Heather Urban, Amanda Riley, Cristen Woofford, Melody King, Michelle Cherry, Liz Cherry and Luke Ware.

By Keely McDowell: CNJ staff writer

Most of the Clovis Christian Schools graduating seniors traveled to San Antonio and Padre Island recently for a senior trip. They arrived home at 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

Two of the 17 seniors who will graduate 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jonathan White and Amanda Riley, were in the same places at the same time although they had different accounts of the seven-day trip. Students traveled in groups of four.

His: Jonathan White

On Sea World: I watched a 4-D movie where things jump out at the screen and your seat moves while you are watching. I was attacked by imaginary bees, spiders and bats. It was terrifying.

On the San Antonio Mall: It was killer. They shopped for hours and we had to go with them. We didn’t even get to go to Hooters afterward.

On Six Flags Amusement Park: I really hate heights and I will only get on a roller coaster right before I die. So, I got stuck holding the purses.

On Padre Island: I slept until 6 p.m., and it was too hot to swim most of the time.

On the trip: We actually got together as a class and hung out. We would all pile into one hotel room and one of our friends, Keeson Bell, would play the guitar. I will only remember the good things.

Hers: Amanda Riley

On Sea World: I loved watching the Shamu show. To watch a killer whale jump that high out of the water is amazing and beautiful.

On the San Antonio Mall: We had a lot of fun. The guys didn’t even complain. They told us what clothes looked good on us and what looked really bad.

On Six Flags Amusement Park: My favorite ride was the Superman roller coaster. It goes so fast and it is so scary.

On Padre Island: I went parasailing with another girl. We were both really light, so the wind kept tossing us around. It was really pretty up there and a lot of fun.

On the trip: It was great. I was the one who did everything I could. I had a lot of fun.