Letters to the Editor: School annual debate continues

By having gay couples in this year’s Clovis High School yearbook I
believe yearbook staff members Jessie Hardison and Maggie Chavez have
tried to bring the city of Clovis into the 21st Century.

The fact that some residents and business owners are threatening to
pull advertising and support for the schools shows just how behind the
times we still are.

Would these same anti-gay residents complain if the yearbook
published pictures of black couples or interracial couples? Perhaps 40
years ago those types of pictures would have been greeted with the same
response, but we have made great strides in breaking racial barriers
and embracing the civil rights movement. Today we don’t think twice
when we see couples different from ourselves in public or in print so
why should gay couples be treated any differently?

We raise our children to be fair, non-judgmental, independent
thinkers, and to be the leaders of tomorrow and when two students
display those characteristics we look down our noses at them and tell
them they’re wrong.

I don’t believe it is Hardison and Chavez who are wrong. I believe
it is the community members who are casting stones at two strong

I applaud the students and yearbook supervisor’s monumental decision to allow the pictures to be published.

Gwyn Del Toro