State gives school budget boost

CNJ staff

Clovis Municipal Schools operating budget will increase by about $2 million, according to Clovis Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm.

Seidenwurm introduced the school district’s preliminary budget during Tuesday’s board of education meeting.

Seidenwurm said she expects the school district to operate on a $57 million budget during the 2008-09 school year.

About 90 percent of the operating budget will go to salaries, she said. The money will also be used to buy equipment and teaching materials.

The school district uses general obligation bond money for infrastructure projects such as building improvements. Voters passed a four-year, $12 million general obligation bond in January.

Seidenwurm said the state increased the money schools receive for each student by 6 percent because schools across the state have also reported losing students. Clovis schools will receive about $53 million from the state next year, which is about $2.4 million more than last year.

Seidenwurm said a 6 percent increase helps offset a $500,000 loss due to a drop in enrollment because of Cannon Air Force Base’s transition to a special operations wing.

The district reported 8,147 students on the 120th day of school, a 166 student drop from last year.

Seidenwurm said the board of education will consider the budget during the June 10 meeting.