With proper parenting, TV is good

By Anita Doberman: CNJ Columnist

My 20-month-old daughter clearly knows Sponge Bob Squarepants (“Bub-bob”) and can sing the song well enough that even non-family members recognize it. She is also more than familiar with Dora and Diego; I think she expects them to come over for a visit any minute now.

A few years ago, in the before-children era (B.C.), if someone would have told me that my children would have known TV characters at such a young age, I would have been appalled. What kind of parent lets her children watch television while she is cooking dinner, or in the car, or in the morning while getting the older ones ready for school? Clearly, this parent. I have obviously learned that B.C. ideas don’t always go hand-in-hand with solutions for the children era (C.E.).