Teen hospitalized after crash

CNJ staff

A Clovis teen is in critical condition at a Lubbock hospital after he was hit by a vehicle Tuesday while riding his scooter, family members said.

Andrea Armendariz said Thursday her 15-year-old son, Juan Chavarria, has not regained consciousness since the crash and doctors are waiting for swelling in his brain to reduce before they can determine the extent of his injuries.

According to the police report, the teen was struck by a pickup truck around 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of Grand and Hickory.

The driver of the pickup told police she was driving westbound on Grand Avenue when she saw the youth approaching from Hickory. She said she thought he was going to stop at the stop sign. She said she applied her brakes and tried to swerve but couldn’t avoid striking him, the report said.

A man who witnessed the crash said he saw the scooter slow down, then accelerate at the stop sign and pass through the intersection without looking, the report said.