Men not so tough when it comes to women's issues

By Anita Doberman

Men, and military men in particular, can take a lot. They are tough, hard working and have high tolerance for pain.

Take my beloved hubby. He almost died of a burst appendix because he didn’t go to the hospital right away — he preferred to take the pain than go to the doctor — but take him to an OB office and he cannot stand the pain of sitting in the waiting room for more than two minutes.

This past week he was forced to come with me to the OB when I went for an amniocentesis.

I was calm (for me), until we got the hospital, then my nerves got the better of me, and I desperately turned to my husband for assurance I wasn’t about to die. But guess what? Hubby is completely exhausted and not willing to “humor,” as he says (“comfort” as I say) my fears.

Then, he made the mistake of complaining to a pregnant lady.