Committee will discuss proposed nuisance ordinance

By Gabriel Monte: CNJ staff writer

Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said the county needs a nuisance ordinance addressing health and safety.

The Curry County Land Use Committee will discuss and possibly consider a countywide nuisance ordinance Friday addressing health and safety issues regarding properties in the county.

According to the proposed ordinance, nuisances include stagnant pools of water, animal carcasses, leaking septic tanks and accumulation of refuse on properties located in the county.

The penalty for violating the ordinance includes a $500 fine.

An ordinance has been discussed in previous meetings, drawing praise and criticism from county residents.

Texico resident Kara Crow said during an April meeting having a nuisance ordinance would help her deal with neighbors whose trash blows onto her property.

But Alvin Clark, who operates a scrap yard from his home, said during a March meeting that a nuisance ordinance would put him out of business.

Pyle said the concerns of Curry County residents were considered while revising the draft.

“I feel very comfortable that its an ordinance that is a compromise for everybody,” he said.

County Commissioner Frank Blackburn, who sits on the Land Use Committee, said he didn’t support a previous ordinance draft because he felt it infringed on private property rights.

Blackburn said Thursday that he had not read the revised ordinance but would support an ordinance that focused on health and safety.

“I want to protect property rights but I don’t think you have a right for your solid waste to infringe upon others,” he said.

If the committee approves the ordinance, the County Commission could consider adopting it in an August meeting, according to Pyle.

What: Curry County Land Use Committee Meeting

When: 10 a.m. today

Where: Curry County Courthouse