Arrest made in connection with meth bust

CNJ staff

One Clovis man is under arrest and a warrant has been issued for another in connection with a methamphetamine lab discovered at a city hotel by police earlier this week.

Christopher “Jason” Kidd, 31, is being held at the Curry County Adult Detention Center on $33,500 bond, jail officials said. He is charged with manufacturing meth.

Kevyn Crane, 27, is being sought by police on the same charge, according to a press release from Clovis police.

The arrest warrants were issued Wednesday, the release said.

According to the release:

• Police discovered a meth lab Monday being operated out of a room at the Choice Inn on Mabry Drive after they observed suspects discarding materials associated with meth production.

• Inside the room, officers found several items identified as components for making meth, including psuedophedrine pills, matchbooks and muriatic acid among other things.

• Kidd was arrested at the scene on an unrelated, outstanding warrant.

Clovis police Capt. Patrick Whitney said Crane was interviewed by police and released in keeping with New Mexico case law, which dictates a suspect must be free to leave when police execute a search warrant.

“If you’re going to conduct a search, you have to let the suspect go. The law says your not allowed to hold that person,” he said.

If evidence to support an arrest is gained from the search, an arrest warrant must be obtained and served later, he said.