Certain topics off limits

By Anita Doberman: CNJ columnist

M y husband and I disagree on what I should or shouldn’t say in my column or in other areas of my life for that matter. To clarify, I am talking about my life not his life, but because we are married my actions affect him.

To frame this conflict correctly, let me point out that my husband and I have opposite personalities. Of course we complement each other in a perfect way, (I being the better half or whole to be politically correct) but are nonetheless different. He is calm, level headed, patient, and very private; I have a temper, I am impulsive, inpatient, and an open book.

I think this happens often with couples — opposites attracting each other — but because I write a column and an uncensored blog full of scandalous details about my secret life as a Ninja’s wife, my husband has taken issues in defining boundaries, specifically telling me what I should or should not reveal in my writing.

Military people, and specifically Ninjas like my husband, have to be private. It’s part of the job. They cannot reveal certain aspects of their profession, let alone discuss missions, deployments or anything else that could endanger someone else’s life.

So when it comes to anything related to my husband’s job or to specific military matters he is absolutely correct. I cannot reveal or talk about anything specific. It’s an absolutely cut and dry issue.

But, here is the catch, when it comes to other areas of our lives, really what I write about (I am after all a “lifestyle columnist” and crazy blogger)