Reporter’s notebook: Local plucks dog from river

Nick Baglien says Danny Reed of Clovis deserves to be called a hero after he recently saved Baglien’s dog from drowning on a camping and motorcycle trip to Red River.

Baglien and his wife Sharon take their dogs camping with them. Pogo, a 15-year old cocker spaniel-poodle mix, got out of the couple’s RV and wandered to the river.

“She just fell in. The current was so swift, she couldn’t take it,” said Baglien, a route supervisor at Plains Vending.

In the next camping site down river was Reed, a newcomer to the group who was near his tent talking to his wife on the phone.

“I was too far away so I couldn’t get there in time. When Danny saw (her), he just threw down his phone, leapt into the water, clothes on, wallet in his pocket and everything,” Baglien said.

The strong current knocked Reed off his feet, but he was able to pluck the dog from the water, Baglien said.

He didn’t question it. He acted in total selflessness. He saved her life. We’ve never had kids so our dogs are like our children,” Baglien said, his voice softening as he spoke of his pet’s savior.

“His boots are still not dry to this day,” he said of Reed, who works as an engineer for BNSF Railway. “He’s a friend for life.”

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