Group heads to Santa Fe to discuss Hull overpass

CNJ Staff

A group of about 20 Clovis elected officials and citizens, led by Mayor Gayla Brumfield, are en route to Santa Fe this morning for an afternoon meeting with Gov. Bill Richardson.

The subject is the Hull Street overpass, and finding ways to fund its repair or replacement. Brumfield said the trip was basically an attempt to ask for money for the overpass, which was shut down July 31 after a state engineer determined it was unsafe.

City officials have estimated repairing the overpass to cost about $4.5 million and rebuilding it to cost between $8 million to $10 million.

Brumfield is confident the overpass will become a discussion item during the state’s special session, which starts Friday.

“I think it’s a high possibility because it’s a definite emergency and I think when the governor talks to the people he’ll see the (level of frustration) people have.”