Tucumcari can refocus efforts on new project

Freedom New Mexico

Tucumcari can only declare itself a winner this week, even though Raton was the chosen site for New Mexico’s last horse track and casino operation.

The reason is the community, inside and outside the town boundaries, won’t abandon its efforts to rebuild its economic base. Many have said they will retool and readjust, just as so many other American towns, cities and villages have done in rebuilding once-thriving foundations that had disappeared in the dust storms of unending, timeless change.

The lessons learned in trying to bring Coronado Park to life were many. But none was stronger than personal conviction.

Some 1,400 Tucumcari and Quay County residents and track supporters from all over the region showed theirs at a hearing a few weeks ago. Their presence meant they are convinced Tucumcari is the place to be