Sept. 7, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Time to bid Hotel Clovis goodbye

As a third-generation Clovisite and supporter of our historical heritage, I have watched and hoped for a solution to our despair over Hotel Clovis that would revive its majestic status.

Realistically we must now face the truth with reverent reserve. The basic facts are it is time for us to let go and demolish it with dignity and respect — no more wasted tax or wishful restoration.

I would suggest we look to the future and replace it with a park and bandstand that would enhance our musical history. Place the bandstand where the hotel stood to serve the park and Main Street for displays or dancing.

Name it the Norman and Vi Petty Memorial Park.

It would enhance the new Norman and Vi Petty Rock and Roll Museum, the music festival, concerts, and other civic activities.

Our downtown and tourism would receive a welcome mat to enjoy and present musical history.

Now is the time to remove Clovis’ tombstone — the Hotel Clovis — and move our city into the future.

Chick Taylor