Oct. 9, 2008 Police Blotter

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

About midnight Sept. 28 an officer responded to a business in the 700 block of Prince Street for a report of a subject with a weapon.

A male teen said he was in a parking lot on Main Street when two males got out of a vehicle and demanded the keys to his car. When he didn’t give them to them, he said one of them pointed a gun at him, so he handed the keys over.

He said the two males forced him into the car and drove around at high rates of speed with the vehicle they had been in following behind. He said they stopped, ripped the speakers out and left in the other vehicle.

The speakers were valued around $400.


About 11 a.m. Sept. 28 a deputy was dispatched to the 400 block of Circle Drive for a report of a stabbing.

A male reported he was assaulted by three individuals in the area of Sheridan after he exchanged gang signs with them.

The male, who had a superficial scratch wound on his stomach, did not cooperate with the deputy and provided limited information.


About 5 p.m. Sept. 28 an officer responded to the emergency room at the hospital for a robbery report.

A 15-year-old male with a wound on his face said he was robbed the night prior by three suspects in the area of 11th and Lea Streets.

He said he was walking to the store when a vehicle came up behind him and started flashing its lights. He said the three suspects got out of the vehicle and charged at him.

He said he was hit in the head and went down and they struggled with him, taking money out of his pocket. He said they left when another vehicle approached.


About 5 p.m. Sept. 28 an officer responded to a burglary report in the 3000 block of Sheldon Street.

A woman said she heard someone at the door and opened it, thinking it was her husband.

She said a male fell into her house and then would not leave.

Officers found the man sitting inside her door. He was intoxicated and hallucinating, pointing out people that weren’t there.

He was arrested.


Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer Sharna Johnson. She can be contacted at 763-6991 or: e-mail to: sharna_johnson@link.freedom.com