Former Taco Bell employee charged with credit card fraud

CNJ staff

A 17-year-old former Taco Bell employee was arrested Wednesday in Clovis, charged with 27 counts of credit card fraud for using customers’ credit card numbers and pocketing the cash.

According to a police report, the manager told police he discovered the girl had been swiping the magnetic strip on cards and would also manually enter the card information and pocket the cash from the register.

The alleged thefts took place between Sept. 8-16.

The manager discovered the discrepancies after a customer reported an additional charge on her card after making a purchase at the restaurant.

Police Capt. Patrick Whitney said there were more than 27 incidents where fraud activity occurred, but police could not identify all of the victims.

If more victims notice inconsistencies in their statements and come forward, there could be more charges, he said.