Increase in voter registration attributed to young voters

By Gabriel Monte: CNJ staff writer

About 2,100 residents are registered to vote for the first time in Curry County in the Nov. 4 election, according to election officials.

Curry County Election Manager Coni Jo Lyman said younger voters make up a majority of new voters.

She credits part of the increased participation of younger voters to a program the county clerk’s office conducts encouraging voting-aged high school students to register to vote.

She said the campaigns in this election that actively seek young voters have also contributed to the increase.

“There’s too many people that’s got them targeted,” she said.

Overall, there are 22,156 eligible voters in Curry County as of Wednesday — with about 150 to 200 voter registration cards left to process, Lyman said, which is a slight increase over the 21,582 registered in the last presidential election in 2004.

Lyman said the remaining registration cards should be processed by the end of the week.

In Roosevelt County, 10,610 residents registered to vote, according to Senior Clerk Nath Baca. In the 2004 presidential election, 11,591 residents registered to vote.

The general election is Nov. 4.

Curry County voters by party affiliation:

• 8,407 Democrats

• 10,615 Republican

• 3,074 Declined to state

• 60 minor parties (Green, Libertarian, etc.)