Supporters weigh in on county race

Barnes can avoid conflict of interests

There are differences between the candidates running for Curry County Commission in District 5 that need to be pointed out.

Caleb Chandler has served in local and state government for the majority of his career and he was Clovis’ police chief at the same time he was a state senator. He is being provided taxpayer-funded retirement plans from positions in local and state government. His son, Matt Chandler, serves as the district attorney and his brother-in-law, Matt Murray, is the county sheriff.

Paul D. Barnes served 10 years as a past county commissioner, with five of those as Commission chair. When his term expired, the county budget had excess reserves and fiscal responsibility had been a top priority.

Paul D. also served 10 years on the Texico School Board and helped build it into a school with an excellent reputation. He has worked in the private sector for his entire career and his experience comes from daily operations that are essential to managing and owning a business.

Paul D. will stand against the grain to do what is best for Curry County. He will not be influenced by special interests. He is a conservative who is truly passionate about the future of this area and does not consider this position just another job with retirement benefits. He has no relatives who are leaders in local government. His decisions will be unbiased, without potential conflict of interest relating to budgets, responsibilities, housing, or duties of both the district attorney and sheriff’s offices.

Consider the facts and vote for the person who has served in this capacity, with the most knowledge of fiscal responsibility, who will consider the needs and demands of Curry County, and without conflict of interest regarding family members associated with county government.

Amber Workheiser