Oct. 21 Letters to the Editor

Changes could prove disastrous

According to Barack Obama’s new plan for the economy, we will have free health care. We will all get free college tuition.

We will spend billions to repair the infrastructure of the nation. We will give billions to the automobile companies, state governments and the banks. We will provide jobs for all workers and invest billions to jump start the economy eliminating our national debt. We will send billions to third-world countries.

The winters will be mild, birds will sing, a Celestial light will shine down, farmers will receive rain only when needed and the United Nations will love us.

Obama says he can do all of this by increasing the tax of the top 5 percent of taxpayers. The other 95 percent will receive a tax cut.

His proposals will cost trillions of dollars and the tax increase on the rich will not increase revenue, instead it will suppress business growth in this time of crisis, meaning fewer jobs.