First Person: Bingo is her game-o

CNJ Staff Photo: Liliana Castillo Glenda Null finds joy in ovolunteering for local seniors.

Glenda Null, 54, calls bingo at a senior residence center, Dumpster dives for clothes to donate and makes rounds to homes of the elderly that are unable to leave their homes.

She turned to volunteering after she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and was unable to work.

Bingo: I call bingo once a week at the Senior Residence Center. I love to come out and talk to them. They have such great stories. Just for someone to sit and listen to them means so much to them.

Doing God’s work: I used to do mission work. We went to a village in Mexico to put a roof on a school house. We slept in a truck on a cot. At one point we were held up by these people, some were just kids, with big terrorist guns. We were scared, but being Christians we said “God’s got his handled.” I’ve never faced anything like that but in that moment I trusted God and I was strong.

Pack rat: I’m like a hoarder Dumpster diver. If I see something that is perfectly good, just a little dirty, I’ll get in there and get it. I’ll take them and clean them up and donate them. I’ve lived poorly and I know there is someone that needs it.

Getting old: Getting old in America is the hardest to do. It took me three years to earn