Readers have say in upcoming vote

Editor’s note: The deadline has passed for submitting letters to the editor related to Tuesday’s election.

Consider candidates’ stances on issues

The election is near and many are trying to decide who to believe, and which way to choose the next president.

There are clear differences between the candidates’ positions based on what they have said and practiced. These positions are openly stated in their platforms. Now, we can make voting a simple thing if we look at a list of positions each candidate opposes, and see which is most similar to our own list.

Here they are:

McCain opposes: a Constitutional right to abortion, teaching homosexuality in school, and homosexual adoption. Obama opposes: federal protection of traditional marriage, banning partial-birth abortion, protecting infants born alive, and nominating pro-life Supreme Court justices. McCain supports what Obama opposes, and Obama supports what McCain does not.

Now, vote your own beliefs, not the candidate’s good looks or great speeches. Do not be fooled into voting for someone who holds a position different than your own. You will bear the results that come from those positions in the way government functions over the next decade.

This isn’t hard. Read, consider your own mind, and then vote.