Nov. 2, 2008 Library Books

The following books are available at the Clovis-Carver Public Library:

Dinosaur Trouble by Dick King-Smith was given by Master Electrical Contractors in memory of Jackie Pruet.

Filled with dinosaur information, close calls, and hilarious word-play, this prehistoric adventure proves that friendship conquers all.

Play “Red Wing” by Stan Welli chronicles four generations of a family that came to America from Europe in 1862 and settled in the Oklahoma panhandle, where they turned to music for relief from the harsh realities of life on the southern plains.

7th Heaven by James Patterson opens the Women’s Murder Club’s most terrifying case ever as the friends look for an arsonist and for a deranged killer in two seemingly unrelated cases with a twist at the end that no one sees coming.

UFO Alien Encounters: The Unreported Evidence by Coris Grinshill takes a compelling look at one man’s extraordinary experience that began in the mid-1960s and continued over his lifetime, providing answers to one of the most puzzling mysteries of our time.

The Edge of Chaos: A Novel by Pamela McCorduck draws together an internationally renowned scientist, a distinguished archaeologist, a famous financier, an art gallery owner, and a fugitive filmmaker in Santa Fe, where they unexpectedly shape each other’s lives.

Podcasting for Dummies: Plan, Produce and Promote your Podcast by Tee Morris introduces the software, tools, and methods you need to create a podcast, get it online, attract listeners for business or fun, and let your voice be heard around the world.

Sail by James Patterson is a new thriller in that a perfect family vacation turns into a life-or-death nightmare as someone tries to make sure that the family never makes it out of paradise alive.