Editor’s election blog: Stoddard, Bostwick, Chandler, Lyman, Baker all winners — finally

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Paula Vander Dussen, front, and George Vander Dussen cast their vote Tuesday at Mesa Elementary School.

OK, now the Curry County vote totals are all in … sorta.

About 85 ballots remain uncounted at midnight but the winners appear to be the same as projected about two hours ago.

Dan Stoddard defeated Benny Adams (2,485-1,164), Wendell Bostwick defeated Seth Martin (1,182-1,025) and Caleb Chandler defeated Paul D. Barnes (2,726-1,728) in County Commission races.

Coni Jo Lyman beat Cindy McDaniel (8,823-5,005) in the race for county clerk. And Bernice Baker edged Kathrynn Tate (7,104-6,622) in the race for county treasurer.

Officials were still counting the last 85 ballots by hand, but none of the contested races appeared to be close enough to be impacted by those results.

• • •

Republicans Dennis Roch and Anna Crook and Democrat Jose Campos appeared headed to the state House on Tuesday.

With 28 of 33 precincts reporting, Roch led Democrat Craig Cosner by 55-45 percent in his attempt to take the seat previously held by Clayton’s Brian Moore, who did not seek re-election.

Crook, an incumbent, was leading Mario Trujillo by 64-36 percent.

Campos, also an incumbent, led Republican Matt Rush, 60-40 percent.

• • •

Clovis’ Republican Clint Harden will be returning to the state Senate.

With 94 percent of precincts reporting, Harden had received 61 percent of the vote.

Democratic challenger Thomas Carr was more than 3,000 votes behind.

• • •

County election manager Coni Jo Lyman said she expects to have the final 2,000-plus absentee mail-in ballots counted within the hour.

The uncounted ballots were mailed in throughout the county, so several local races are still too close to call.

Wendell Bostwick leads Seth Martin by 156 votes in the County Commission District 4 race. Bernice Baker leads Kathrynn Tate by 286 votes in the county treasurer race.

• • •

County officials announced moments ago they just realized they have more than 2,000 votes they haven’t yet counted.

Most of those votes are absentee mail-in votes.

So none of the local races are official.

• • •

Barack Obama became the nation’s 44th president on Tuesday, but he didn’t get much help from eastern New Mexico.

Curry County cast 8,111 votes for John McCain, and only 3,956 for Obama.

Roosevelt County favored McCain, 2,113 votes to 1,059.

• • •

Dan Stoddard, Wendell Bostwick and Caleb Chandler are the newest members of the Curry County Commission, according to final, unofficial vote totals posted to the Secretary of State’s Web site.

Other winners include Coni Jo Lyman in the county clerk’s race and Bernice Baker in the county treasurer’s race.

The only close race was Baker’s win over Kathrynn Tate — 5,986 votes to 5,700.

• • •

Looks like Dan Stoddard, Wendell Bostwick and Caleb Chandler are the newest members of the Curry County Commission.

With 34 of 37 precincts reporting, all have comfortable leads.

Coni Jo Lyman appears to have won the county clerk’s race over Cindy McDaniel, but the county treasurer’s race remains close — 5,856 votes for Bernice Baker to 5,441 for Kathrynn Tate.

• • •

The Associated Press reports Democrat Ben Ray Lujan had the early lead in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District over Republican and independent rivals.

With 15 percent of precincts reporting, Lujan had just over 47 percent of the vote, against 42 percent for Republican Dan East and just over 10 percent for independent Carol Miller.

• • •

With 19 of 37 precincts reporting, here are totals from Curry County:

District 2 County Commission: Dan Stoddard 1,605, Benny Adams 741

District 4 County Commission: Wendell Bostwick 811, Seth Martin 595

District 5 County Commission: Caleb Chandler 1,776, Paul D. Barnes 1,240

County clerk: Coni Jo Lyman 5,510, Cindy McDaniel 3,104

County treasurer: Bernice Baker 4,379, Kathrynn Tate 4,182

• • •

Most Clovis News Journal Web site polls attract 200 or 300 votes. The question asking whether readers favored Paul D. Barnes or Caleb Chandler in the race for Curry County Commission District 5 produced 3,075 votes.

What does it mean?

I think it means both Barnes and Chandler supporters are savvy enough to know how to delete computer cookies and vote repeatedly — and they both have a lot of time on their hands.

Barnes won the Web poll, 1,544 votes to 1,448.

Eighty-three participants voted for neither candidate — they said they just wanted the election to end.

In the real election, Chandler is leading, 1,553 to 1,096, with 12 of 37 precincts reporting.

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I’ll be blogging all night. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail — david_stevens@link.freedom.com — and I’ll respond as best I can.

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Voters in Bailey County have rejected alcohol sales.

Officials said 1,241 opposed the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption, while 979 were in favor.

Also, Richard Wills has retained his position of sheriff, beating challenger Daniel Patterson, 1,453-609.

• • •

With eight of 37 precincts reporting, here are Curry County Commission leaders:

Caleb Chandler over Paul D. Barnes, 1,553-1,096

Dan Stoddard over Benny Adams, 1,185-605

Wendell Bostwick over Seth Martin, 615-447.

• • •

Reader “Longhairmusician” wants to know if jail inmates can vote.

Clovis defense attorney Dan Lindsey says yes they can. They can request absentee ballots.

Lindsey said even convicted felons can vote once they’ve completed their sentence.

Interim Curry County jail administrator Audrey Barriga said no inmates asked to vote during this election.

• • •

Presidential election trivia:

Who was the youngest president?

John Kennedy was 43 when he was elected, but Theodore Roosevelt was 42 when he was appointed after William McKinley was assassinated.

Ronald Reagan, at 69, was the oldest elected president.

John McCain is 72. Barack Obama is 47.

• • •

Presidential election trivia:

Curry and Roosevelt counties were both strong supporters of the Republican presidential candidates in 2000 and 2004.

Curry selected Bush-Cheney over Kerry-Edwards 70-30 percent in 2004 and favored Bush-Cheney over Gore-Lieberman by 71-29 percent in 2000.

Roosevelt favored Bush-Cheney over Kerry-Edwards 68-32 percent in 2004 and selected Bush-Cheney over Gore-Liberman by 68-32 percent in 2000.

• • •

Presidential election trivia:

New Mexico has voted in 24 presidential elections. The state has selected 22 winners and only two losers — Gerald Ford in 1976 and Al Gore in 2000.

• • •

Here are early vote totals from Nara Visa in Quay County:

President: John McCain 57, Barack Obama 7

U.S. Senate: Steve Pearce 42, Tom Udall 21

U.S. Rep: Daniel East 42, Ben Lujan 15, Carol Miller 4

• • •

The elections are over. When will the signs come down?

Marcus Brice, the chief code compliance officer for the city of Clovis, said candidates have 10 days to remove any signs they’ve placed in residential areas of city rights of way.

After that, the city has the authority to pick up the signs and dispose of them.

• • •

Fox News is already reporting Barack Obama has won New Mexico.

It also reports Tom Udall has defeated Steve Pearce in the U.S. Senate race.

More officially, the Secretary of State’s office reports one of 33 counties have reported results and leaders include Obama, Udall, Ben Lujan and Clint Harden.

• • •

George W. Reynolds wasn’t able to travel to the polling place to vote on Tuesday … and so the polling place came to him.

Reynolds, 92, is a patient at Portales’ Roosevelt General Hospital. When his nurses learned of his desire to vote in Tuesday’s elections, one of them contacted Roosevelt County Clerk Janet Collins.

Collins then arranged for Reynolds to vote at the hospital. A representative from the clerk’s office provided Reynolds with a ballot.

Reynolds is retired from the Eastern New Mexico University campus police and has lived in Portales 60 years.

He said all elections are important.

• • •

Early vote totals are in from Bailey County:

Clerk Paula Benton reports 825 oppose alcohol sales while 502 are for them.

And in the sheriff’s race: Incumbent Richard Wills leads Daniel Patterson, 894-347.

• • •

The polls are closed and we have a winner — from Clovis’ James Bickley Elementary school at least.

Students there voted Monday and learned results today:

Barack Obama — 333

John McCain — 113