Nov. 16 Letters to the Editor

Memorial fitting tribute to local vets

Last Sunday, the “Blue Star Memorial” was unveiled. It is a wonderful symbol for those of us who are spouses, parents or anyone who loves a military member in a war zone or in harm’s way in any foreign country.

I would like to thank Bess Kline and those who worked with her for their hard work in making this public memorial happen.

There is a misconception I would like to correct. My daughter-in-law and grandson were there to watch as her husband and brother-in-law, both my sons, along with two fellow members of the New Mexico Army National Guard posted the colors. An older woman told my daughter-in-law she was too young to be married to a veteran. She is wrong.

In my immediate family, my husband served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army and in Iraq with the NMANG. Two weeks before he deployed to Iraq, our youngest son, fresh out of basic training at 19, deployed to Iraq. After my husband returned from Iraq, both of our sons were deployed to Iraq and Kuwait 10 days apart — our youngest was 21, our oldest was 25. They are now both serving in the NMANG. Not only are they veterans, they are combat veterans.

Anyone who puts on the uniform of any branch of the military and serves their country for the length of time on the contract they sign is a veteran. Whether they serve overseas or never leave the U.S., whether they’ve been in war zones or swept floors, they are a veteran. They all deserve our respect and gratitude because they were and are willing to fight and protect us.

Glenice Jones