Steering committee looking into new wellness center work

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ Staff Writer

The Clovis Wellness Center steering committee is looking into bids for the aerobics and entrance portions of the center, which is planned in the spot formerly occupied by the now-demolished Play, Inc. building.

The move is an attempt to dissuade the state from taking back previously awarded capital outlay, which city officials said is a concern with potential budget shortfalls facing the 2009 state Legislature.

Grant Coordinator Carole Moreno told the committee during Monday’s meeting that state officials have asked about three previous capital outlay expenditures the city has not used on the wellness center so far. Moreno said one of them was for the October demolition of the Play, Inc. building, but no work has been done with two other awards totaling $419,670.

Those awards make up a lion’s share of the $640,000 in the amount the city currently has set aside for the project —