Housing on way to becoming privatized

Cannon Connections photo: Liliana Castillo The demolition of about 350 old housing units is part of a housing upgrade at Cannon Air Force Base.

By Gabriel Monte: Cannon Connections

Cannon Air Force Base has major housing changes scheduled for the next five years as the military moves toward privatized housing.

Crews are in the process of demolishing 350 housing units that were built in 1966, according to base officials.

Meanwhile, 441 new housing units will be built after 2010 when the base privatizes its housing, according to Cannon Element Chief of Capital Asset Management Tim Farmer.

Farmer said there are currently 881 house units, including 350 leased units in Clovis and Portales.

“Military personnel will continue to have a choice to live on or off base. The developer will repair existing homes and construct new ones,” he said in an e-mail.

Farmer said there is enough available housing on base at present to accommodate personnel and their families who are moving to Clovis.

The base population is presently about 2,000. Cannon officials said they expect the population to double by 2010.

By that time the base will hand over base housing management to a private developer, according to Farmer. The privatization contract will last about 50 years, he said.

Farmer said the base will end its contract with 801 housing in Portales and Clovis by 2012 and 2013.

“By then privatized housing should have built some housing,” he said.

A medical facility and a recreation area will replace the demolished housing units, according to a Cannon news release.