First person: Christmas crooner

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Kourtney Anthony has been a member of Joni’s Sandia Carolers for seven years.

Kourtney Anthony, 15, said her life is filled with music. She has sang with and helped organize her mom’s group of Christmas carolers, Joni’s Sandia Carolers, for seven years. Anthony participates in choir and band and can play eight instruments.

Dancing queen: I’ve helped my mom with the carolers since I was seven. Sometimes when the kids get all chatty and rowdy I help her calm them down. At the beginning, I helped my mom come up with the group’s dance moves. I was kinda goofing around and she said, “I like that,” and that’s how we got our dance moves.

Musically minded: I can play eight instruments. I can pick up an instrument, and a week later I can play it. It’s just something I’ve always been able to do. I just picked up the French horn last week.

Musical expression: Music is what my life is about. I love music because it is so expressive. If you’re happy, you’ll play or sing happy. it goes on down the line with all your emotions.

Pick a year: I think last year was our best year so far. We were getting stopped in the street with people asking us to come sing for their relatives. This year we have 16 carolers. That’s the most we’ve ever had. We’ve gotten so many calls already this year, we don’t know if we can get to them all.

Practice makes perfect: We practice twice a week for two hours a day, sometimes longer. We’re doing a whole new show this year. We’ve been practicing with the whole group since the end of October.

Favorite carol: My favorite Christmas carol is Jingle Bell Rock. I like the dance that goes with it. Everybody has fun with it. That’s what Christmas is suppose to be about. Christmas is about being happy and joyful and to have fun.

Spare time: Even in my spare time, I spend time with music. I’ll sing and dance in my room or play Rock Band with my friends.

Christmas spirit: My mom always says I have a big heart. If I’m not helping people, my problems seem twice as big. I believe what goes around comes around. It makes you feel good to give to others. Like when we go into a retirement home and the people there are sad. We start singing and their faces light up and they start singing and clapping.

In memory: This year, our caroling is in honor of my grandmother. She died this year, but the idea for the caroling group was hers and she kind of got us started. We’re going to sing in front of her house in her honor.

Fast Facts:

What: Joni’s Sandia Carolers

When: 4:30 p.m. – 9 pm. Dec. 19 and 20

Where: Various retirement and assisted living centers in Clovis

If you have a loved one who is dying and would like Joni’s Sandia Carolers to visit them, call 742-2732.