Dec. 24 Commander's Action Line

What are some programs that could be implemented locally for the base to be more PT-minded?

We appreciate your question. We at the 27th Special Operations Wing are very serious about improving the quality of life here so our airmen can both focus on and carry out the mission effectively. I contacted both the fitness center and the Health and Wellness Center to obtain an answer to your question.

The fitness center says it regularly receives comments and concerns about programs, equipment, and events, and tries to develop and improve programs based on that feedback. They are presently working on obtaining chin-up bars and sit-up/push-up stations around the new track and turf field. As for putting this equipment in the dormitories and other offices, airmen should discuss this with their supervisors and first sergeants. Also, the fitness center is in the process of getting several staff members trained on the proper use of kettle bells and the cost for the equipment added to their unfunded equipment list. Other programs and club support can always be addressed through fitness staff and sports advisory meetings attended by squadron sports representatives. If you have any further questions for the fitness center, please contact Rob Ewers, the fitness and sports director, at 784-2466.

The HAWC provided information about fitness programs and fitness recognition on base. Its position on fitness is to educate and provide intervention in a collaborative effort with the fitness center on programs relating to fitness/nutrition. The HAWC also provides several classes to ensure those members needing or wanting resources to better improve their lifestyles have the opportunity to do so and is promoted through the AF Portal.

As for the Cross Fit training program, there have been serious concerns about the Cross Fit program from many AF Fitness Program Managers about high rates of injuries while participating in this program. Cross Fit is not endorsed by any particular Special Operations Forces or the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the AF Portal no longer has a direct link to the Cross Fit Web site.

In regards to recognizing excellent PT performers, a program is in place. Squadrons can recognize those members here that score in the top 10 percent with a “certificate of excellence” and T-shirt, which are requested of the HAWC by your Unit Fitness Program Manager. However, please keep in mind that it is the unit commander’s program and his/her decision and responsibility to acknowledge those members in the top 10 percent and/or those who have improved their fitness score. Finally, the HAWC is putting together a running club to help members improve their run times and fitness levels next quarter. They will advertise it throughout this base soon and can be reached at 784-1004 for more information.

Cannon is in a unique situation to essentially be building the base and its programs from the ground up. Thank you for your inputs to help us make this base the best it can be.

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