Dec. 31 -Jan. 6 Menus

The Landing 11 a.m.:

Wednesday: 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., New Year’s Eve celebration.

Thursday: Closed

Friday: No menu information available

Monday: No menu information available

Tuesday: No menu information available

Whispering Winds 11 a.m.:

Wednesday: Barbecue beef

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Fish

Monday: Meatloaf

Tuesday: Fried chicken

The End Zone 11 a.m.:

Wednesday: Green chili bacon cheeseburger

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Fish and chips

Monday: Turkey club sandwich

Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Monday through Friday: 5 p.m. Chicken kiev or chicken parmesan served.

Cannon Lanes 11 a.m.:

Wednesday: Green chili stew

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Chicken fried steak

Monday: Barbecue

Tuesday: Sub sandwich

Pecos Dining Facility:

Wednesday: Lunch — Orange chicken and chicken/turkey with gravy. Dinner — Baked fish and knockwurst.

No menu information available for rest of the week.