State plans overhaul of math and science curriculums

By Gabriel Monte: CNJ staff writer

The state Public Education Department wants to raise the level of math and science curriculums in schools throughout the state to compete in a global environment.

And the department wants to accomplish this by the year 2012.

To meet that goal, the department established the math and science council and assigned it the New Mexico Project 2012, a comprehensive plan to overhaul math and science curriculums in the state.

Clovis Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Ladona Clayton said the project is the most comprehensive she has seen to increase the standards of math and science in the state.

“I believe the study is really outlining how much things have changed in the last decade,” she said. “ We have to become more globally competitive, we cannot equip our students to compete globally unless we enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills in math and science.”

In a report released Dec. 4, the project outlines several key recommendations including, increasing the number of math and science teachers, giving teachers more days for professional development and narrowing the consistency of instructional material in schools, according to math and science bureau chief Mary Jo Daniels.

Daniels said the department is requesting $15 million from the Legislature to fund the project.

A public comment period remains open until Jan. 20, according to Daniels.

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