Jan. 11, 2009 Club Notes

Claud Rainy Day Extension Club

The Claud Rainy Day Extension Club met Dec. 17 with Joy and Sue Pattison. Eleven members brought food to serve with the lamb main dish. Mr. Hoyt Pattison joined for lunch and took pictures of the group by the Christmas tree.

Aloha Starbuck, president, conducted the business meeting. A letter was read about two needy families, each with four small children. Members donated cash instead of exchanging gifts and the money will be divided between the two families.

Officers were installed as follows: President Ginger Beck; Vice-president Betty Mobley; Secretary Lois Hollinsworth; Treasurer Joan Ewing; and reporter Lucille Johnson.

Ann Carter brought booklets of Christmas songs and the group sang several, led by Judy Gambill. Aloha read a paper about ‘Mother’s Hands’, a very moving item.

The next meeting will be with Annette Taylor at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday.