Police waiting on DNA evidence in slaying investigation

CNJ Staff

Three weeks after the slaying of a 52-year-old Clovis woman, police are still waiting on lab results for DNA evidence before charging a suspect they have in custody.

Friday, Clovis Capt. Patrick Whitney said items of evidence in the case are at a state crime lab waiting to be tested.

“We’re down the line on the list,” he said, explaining the northern state crime lab tests evidence for cases from multiple jurisdictions throughout the state and Clovis has to wait its turn.

Investigators do not know when they can expect the results, he said.

Elizabeth McAdams was killed in her home on Lea Street, her throat slashed. Her body was found on the morning of Dec. 20 by firefighters.

According to a police report, neighbors saw black smoke coming from the roof of the McAdams home.

Firefighters found McAdams in a back room of the home. Police have said they believe several small fires were set inside the home to hide evidence of the crime.

Within days of the homicide, police reported they had a suspect in custody on unrelated charges.

Police have declined to identify the suspect until he is charged with the homicide. He is described as someone who knew McAdams, but not through a close relationship.

Police are confident they can successfully obtain charges for the homicide against the suspect and actually have enough evidence at this point to arrest him, Whitney said.

Previously, police said they believe the evidence sent to the lab for testing is the victim’s blood on clothing worn by the suspect.

“We’re pretty confident but it’s more the (district attorney’s office) would prefer us to have the DNA results first,” Whitney said.

Whitney said the suspect is being held without bond on charges not related to the McAdams killing. He said police are prepared to charge him for McAdams’ homicide to ensure he remains in custody.